Eucalyptus Bush Stem

Item #: 19552PT      Size: 14 inch
Dimensions: 8"L x4"W x14"H
Weight: 1.70oz
Color: Green
Material: Plastic

This is really a great collection of Eucalyptus.  We love to work with the plastic because it doesn't wrinkle like polyester, and if it's an outdoor event and it rains, no worries! 

Take a look at our other companion pieces that match.  The 6' garland, 23" hanging bush, and the 20" wreath.  All of these classic eucalyptus versions create a timeless focal point in any event space.  Minimums can change to your benefit if you order multiple items.

72/$3.60 each

Bulk rental only

24/$7.50 each
36/$6.75 each
48/$6.08 each