BUDGET Tulle & Lights Drapery Premade Ceiling

Item #: DBL-CTULLE     

Here is a beautiful, yet affordable premade ceiling for your wedding, anniversary or birthday party.  Made out of tulle and lights, this creation is for the bride and groom on a budget. Because this is a premade ceiling, it only drapes exactly as shown in this photo and must have a drop ceiling to work.  If your room is larger than the size of the premade, simply just put it over the dance floor like we do at the Fountains of Ramsey.  We have never had a complaint, and tons of compliments on how this low cost ceiling decor was perfect and satisfying as they danced the night away under it's beauty!

$425.00 + delivery (includes wisteria centerpiece,installation and tear down)

If you are looking for a more elaborate, expensive Polyester Voile version of this ceiling, we have a larger premade version that boasts a gorgeous 4 foot chandelier in the center.