28" & 32" Veradek Midland Tall Square Planter

Item #: see below (2 sizes)      Size: 32 & 28 inches available

Exact Dimensions of both sizes available:
32"H x 16"W x 16"L (Item#VERA002-1)
28"H x 13"W x 13"L (Item#VERA002-3)

  • Single wall molded design, made from high-grade polyethylene composite
  • Sturdy yet lightweight - easy to move
  • Made from all recycled materials
  • Equipped with shelf insert

Tall and distinctive, the Midland design is the perfect addition for any event whether for business or pleasure.   Characterized by a marbled finish and a modern, sleek square tapered design, the Midland planter is ideal for artificial trees with draping plants.  Place one on each side of the entrance to your special event, or on a stage for your keynote speaker.  

32" Planter
$89.00 each

28" Planter
$75.00 each
Not Available