Cinderella Carriage

Item #: DBL-ZR171437-FB      Size: 6 feet long x 4 feet tall

Exact Dimensions: 71.25" L x 60.23" W x 49.6" H
Create your own fairy tale with this metal "Anastasia" Cinderella Carriage. This executive piece is a charming flower stand for any residence.  However we utilize it for events such as weddings, Prom, Corporate events and special birthdays. Aside from it's intended use, the "Anastasia" offers various functions such as displaying food or gifts, wrap it in lights, or even has been used as a bed for your beloved pet.  The side step allows for easy access.  

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
- Handcrafted and painted in gorgeous frosted blue distressed finish (also available in antique
  white while supplies last)
- Powder coated for added protection against environmental elements
- Easy to assemble; no additional tools/hardware needed
- Real rotating wheels, two side baskets for flowers, steps for easy access into center for decor
- Royal crown embellishment on roof can double as a third planter/basket
- Not intended for an adult sized body

Roundtrip Delivery Extra 
$1,739.95 + shipping