Snowy Twig Potted Wire Tree

Item #: 12868CD      Size: 5.75 feet
Dimensions: 32"L x32"W x69"H
Weight: 10.0lbs
Color: White
Material: Wire

Party in January?  Here is a great choice for any winter month!  Mimicking nature, this potted tree highlights pure simplicity with its bare branches lightly covered in snow.  For the Charlie Brown Tree lovers, here is a unique choice you are sure to love!  Need something more WHITE?  Click here to see another choice.

3/$135.00 each
3/$253.13 each

Also Available in 2 other sizes:

6 feet   12867CD   13 lbs   1/$216.00 3+/$194.40 
4.75 feet   12869CD     7 lbs   1/$108.00  3+/$  97.20