Boxwood Topiary (18" Ball)

Item #: 02283TOP      Size: 18 in W x 26.5in H
Dimensions: 18"L x18"W x26.5"H
Weight: 10.0lbs 8.00oz
Color: Green
Material: Plastic

To help show it's size, we've attached all the companion pieces in this photo.  4.3 foot and 5.9 foot trees as well as the 14" Ball (shown in the wagon) and the 18" Ball Topiary shown on the floor in the front right. Pricing below is the for 18" Ball Topiary.  To discuss further call Lisa @ 612-386-7052.

1/$120.00 each
4/$108.00 each 
1/$225.00 each
4/$202.50 each