Asian Evergreen 9'

Item #: TB180899      Size: 9 foot

Product Weight & Dimensions:

  • L46" W46" H108"
  • Product weight: 26 lbs

Artificial Potted Podocarpus Tree with 9870 Leaves. Although not a native tree, it would work as a spectacular addition to a North woods theme party when added with other species.  Could also use in New Years or Winter parties. 

Unique idea to decorate the Corporate Office.  Make a statement with this potted podocarpus to that empty space without worrying about keeping it fresh.  Make a trio by adding other sizes available in 4 foot (Rent: $55.85) and 6 foot (Rent: $121.65)

PROM THEME IDEAS:  The natural distribution of this species consists of much of Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America and several South Pacific islands, If your theme points to any of these countries, it may be a great idea to add to the gymnasium to fill in those wide open spaces as it towers 9 feet.

$199.00 each

Fun fact! A chemotherapy drug used in treatment of leukemia is made from Podocarpus. (according to Wikipedia)